MCCA is an IRS approved Non-Profit 501(c)(3), charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible. 
All money received by this organization is paid directly to cancer patients, within Mecklenburg County Virginia,
to applicants approved by the MCCA Board of Directors.
MCCA Board of Directors consists of volunteers, and do not receive salary or any form of monetary compensation.

Our Website:

Submit Applications or Donations to:


P O Box 311

Chase City, VA 23924

Mecklenburg County Cancer Association (MCCA)


           MCCA Board of Directors:


Larry W. West, Chairman

 Chase City, VA

Jessie Ruff, Secretary

Clarksville, VA

Carrilee Spence, Treasurer

 Boydton, VA

Other Board Members Located Throughout the County:

                               Chrystal Elmore                                                            Rhonda Elmore                             Tonya Kim

Bracey, VA

Shelley Snead

Buffalo Junction, VA

Jerome A. Barnette, Sr.

Wendy Bohannon

                     Rebecca (Becky) B. Laben                                                     Linda Queen                                 Eva M. West
 Chase City, VA

                            Heather Hite Keeton                          Irene Parrish

Clarksville, VA