MCCA is an IRS approved Non-Profit 501(c)(3), charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible. 
All money received by this organization is paid directly to cancer patients, within Mecklenburg County Virginia,
to applicants approved by the MCCA Board of Directors.
MCCA Board of Directors consists of volunteers, and do not receive salary or any form of monetary compensation.


Mecklenburg County Cancer Association (MCCA)

The MCCA was founded by Wendell Watterson after several battles wiith different types of cancer. As he was forced to schedule numerous doctor and hospital visits, he talked to many other people within the waiting area who needed financial assistance to continue their treatments, medication, travel expenses and time lost from work. In researching, not for himself, but for others, he found there was little assistance available. So much money is raised every year at different types of fundraising events, but so much of this money goes to "research" and "administrative costs", instead of direct financial assistance for those in need.

In 2006, after Mr. Watterson won his battle with cancer, he contacted family and friends asking for help with establishing an organization that would help local citizens with direct payments to applicants who were experiencing the financial hardship of fighting this disease. The Mecklenburg County Cancer Association was formed. All donations made to this organization is accepted by the IRS as Tax Deductible. Board Members are Mecklenburg County residents who volunteer their time. Expenses are limited to mandatory fees and expenses for fundraising that cannot be obtained through donations.  

Only residents of Mecklenburg County, Virginia may qualify for assistance through the MCCA. Hopefully other counties will learn the need for this type of organization and will help those in their area as well.

We simply ask for local residents and business owners to help us help others within the area, by either a monetary contribution or volunteering your time with fundraising. Help us make our mission possible. Click "Make a Donation" for more information.